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What is in this Database?

The American Family of Blais database consists of more than 19,100 individuals. These records have been formatted into more than 11,000 family pages, which were created using the Generations Ultimate Family Tree program. More than 3600 of the individuals listed in this database have a surname of Blais or one of its variations (Blay, Blain or Blair) and are presumed to be direct descendents of Pierre Blais. We are in the process of collecting heirloom photos of our ancestors to display alongside their genealogical data.

  • Family Cards - Each family is displayed on a separate page, called a FAMILY CARD by this program. Married individuals are shown side by side with parents of each person listed above their respective names and their children listed below them. Multiple marriages of an individual are indicated by small numbers at the bottom of each card, underneath the appropriate person. Clicking on these numbers will bring up the information on other spouses. Each card displays fields for birth date, baptism date, death date, burial date, occupation, education, and religion. Photos that are attached to these cards can be viewed by clicking the tiny camera icon next to or below the individual's name.
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    Privacy issues and Living People
    By Kathi Clark-Colton

    There are many different standards regarding the publishing of information on living people, such as birth dates, marriage dates, etc. in the context of a genealogical research site.

    Some genealogy researchers state that because birth and marriage records are public data, they belong to the public domain. These researchers feel that all data should be published for the sake of research regardless of whether the individuals are living or not. Conversely, others feel that there are many huge privacy issues involved when publishing an entire living family on a public web site, including parents, grandparents, siblings and children. These researchers feel that nobody should publish any names at all if it can't be proven that the individuals in question have died 100 or more years ago.

    Although some records are in the public domain, it is my personal belief that families do have a right not to have all of their personal data presented on a public web site, where nobody knows who will be viewing these data or what they might intend to do with it. Furthermore, many people who have given me data on their families have requested that information on their living family members not be published on my web site, and I intend to honor their requests.

    On the flip side of the coin are those who are starting out research with very little information on their family lines. A 100-year time frame often keeps data out of circulation that might be very helpful to the beginning researcher.

    Therefore, in weighing all considerations, I have used approximate target birth years of 1920-1922 as the cut-off for those whose data I am publishing. In some cases, I had no birth dates but only marriage records. In cases like these, I looked carefully at the birth dates and marriage dates of the parents, the birth dates and marriage dates of the siblings, and the birth dates and marriage dates of the children in determining an approximate birth year for the individual in question. Approximately 1000 names were removed from this database before publishing it on-line due to privacy concerns for living families. Each name that was eliminated was personally reviewed and manually removed from the database by me.

    Because I had no foolproof method in which to conduct my search for living people, and in my efforts to balance out the needs of both privacy issues and research needs, it is possible that there may be a few living people included in this database. If you are looking through this data and see living members of your family listed and would like me to remove them from this public database, please email me immediately at, and I will remove the Family Card for each family that you bring to my attention.

    If you find a family of interest on this web site and wish to know if there is more information available, please email one of the researchers listed on the Contacts section of the home page or check the Source Page of our data to see if there is an email available for that particular line.

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    By Kathi Clark-Colton

    A large portion of the data listed in this database was obtained by viewing church records and county records from various areas in New England and Canada. In some instances, the people who transcribed these data could have made errors. Other data obtained from fellow researchers could also contain errors. I have viewed only photocopied records of birth, marriage and death dates from lists of church records. I have not obtained information by viewing original certificates. I present this information here for research purposes and have made every attempt to be as accurate as possible and to back up my data by using multiple sources. However, it is possible that there are some errors in the data presented, and I accept no responsibility for data that might be in error. I do request that if you see an obvious error, please email me and let me know about it so I can fix it as soon as possible.

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    Displaying your ancestor's photos in this database

    Because all of the genealogical data on the American Family of Blais web site is presented on separate pages (cards) for each individual, we are in a great position to be able to display a photo of an individual along with their data. If you would like to have us include your ancestor's photo in this database, please contact
    Kathi via email. These photos can be scanned and sent via email or sent on a disk or CD via regular U.S. mail. It does not matter what format you use to scan in your photos as I have software that will convert almost all graphic formats into the standard JPG. I would prefer not to have original photos mailed to me because of liability issues. When photos are displayed on this site, they will include a notation as to its ownership with an email address, if desired, and if the owner of the photo also has a web site, we will also include a link to that web site underneath the photo so that other researchers can see your information and communicate with you. Coding can be included on the page which makes it difficult for a picture to be copied off the site by other researchers if so desired by the owner of the photo.

    Also planned is a separate web page listing the subjects of all photos as well as their owners in case a researcher would like to view the pictures and does not want to hunt for them within the data cards.

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