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All sources were reported as found, but please note that some of the web sites listed below as sources may no longer be available on the Internet. It is hoped that if some of these web sites are still running but have simply moved to another domain, their owners will eventually stumble upon this site and will provide us with their correct web site address so we can update our records and this page.

All data provided in this web site are cross referenced with this Source page. Sources for individuals can be obtained by clicking on the small numbers located near each person's name.

1. Marriages of Notre-Dame Catholic Church, Central Falls, RI, Volume I, 1873-1988.
2. "Blais Family History", research project of Ella Blais, daughter of Cyprien Edgar Blais.
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10. (Chris & George Christian), multiple emails,
11. Necrologe de St-Pierre-du-Sud, Montmagny, 1740-1974 (microfiche); note - it is possible that dates on this microfiche are death dates rather than burial dates, but staff at AFGS felt they were burial dates and some later research tends to support this.
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Tome Premier
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22., Gene Pool Index
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43. Researcher Celine Blais,
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100. Found by Ed Colton doing research in Florida
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166. Cathy S.,
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189. Marriage Records from St. John the Baptist Church, Suncook, NH
190. Marriage records of St-Paul Church, Blackstone, MA, 1852-1995
191. Marriages of St-Pie from 1830-1967
192. Ray and Diane's Genealogy Pages - Blay/Blais Genealogy data
Web site with very well documented Blais genealogy records obtained from census data, court records and other reliable sources.
193. Carmen, Genforum post, email
194. database file, Paul J. Lareau, email:
195. Family line of Ken Blais, email
196. database file, email:
197. database file, Charmaine Peet, email:
198. gedcom file, Thomas Edworthy, Email:
199. Burials of the Gilman-Valade Funeral Homes, Putnam and North Grosvenordale, CT, 1920-1969, typed by Charles Seney; 1993 AFGS Library Committee
200. Burials of the Gilman-Valade Funeral Home, Volume 2, Putnam and North Grosvenordale, CT; 1970-1990; typed by Charles Seney; 1995 AFGS Library Committee.
201. Linda Christian, email:
202. Baptisms, Marriages and Burials of Sacred Heart Catholic Church, West Thompson, CT, 1948-1990; typed by Robert Charpentier, Robert Quintin, and Mary Letourneau, 1995 AFGS Library Committee.
203. Clermont Langlois, posted on Genforum, email
204. Rollande Leblanc, Genforum post, email
205. Researcher Richard J. Labounty regarding his family, unknown name, email
206. Ron LaPierre, email, regarding his family
207. Matthew Hanson, post on Genform ( regarding his family
208. Page de donnees genealogiques;
209. The French-Canadian Marriages of St-Lawrence Church, Centredale, Rhode Island, 1907-1970.
210. The Melanson-Melancon Family Project,
211. Marriages and Necrologe of St-Vallier, 1713-1795 (Microfiche-AFGS) - listed date for each individual on repertoire is considered to be a burial date
212. Necrologe de St-Michel, Bellechasse, 1733-1974 (Microfiche-AFGS)
213. Michel Bibeau, email
214. Cyber Surfer Genealogy Database
215. Mariages de la Paroisse de St-Michel de Bellechasse, 1693-1974 (microfiche-AFGS)
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