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Blais Family in Cohoes, New York

by Kathy Noone

Tombstone Pictures from Cohoes
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Marie Jeanne Blais

Charles Blair &
Lea Lavendiere

Leo Paul Blais

Charles Blais &
Pouliot, Eugene & Pauline

Pomer Guay & Agnes Blais
Theophile Blais & Celina Gamache
Rose Blais -- Alfred Blais

Notes from Baptismal Registry
located at St. Joseph's Church in Cohoes, NY

(there might be some inconsistency with the spelling as the writing was hard to read)
From Book No. 1 - My Relative
Blais, Joseph Louis
Born:   June 27, 1875
Baptized:   July 2, 1875
Parents:   Pierre Blais & Adelia Dansereau
Sponsors:   Achille Dansereau (male) & Vitalie Blais (female)
Page 84

From Book No. 2 - My Relative
Blais, George
Born: December 26, 1876
Parents: Pierre Blais & Adelia Dansereau
Sponsors: Pierre Blais & "Caroline" s/b Catherine Baillargeon
(the sponsors were the grandparents of George)

Other Blais individuals
from the Baptismal Registry of St. Joseph's>

(Not yet sure of the connection)

Blais, Malvina
Born: June 23, 1875
Parents: Napoleon Blais & Ermine Heurez
Sponsors: Joseph Durocher & Herisia Blais
Page 84

Blais, Alfred
Born: December 23, 1875
Parents: Alfred Blais & Aglace Garnais
Sponsors: Joseph Durocher & Delphine Garnais
Page 89

Blais, Marie
Born: April 6, 1876
Parents: Clarence Blais & Lib Messier
Sponsors: Pierre Blais & Julie Goyette
Page 93

Baillargeon, Dleudonne
Born: March 30, 1876
Parents: Camille Baillargeon & Philomene Duquette
Sponsors: Theophile Blault & Denise Roy
Page 93

Blais, Augustin George
Born: July 16, 1876
Parents: Augustin Blais & Leo (Cadie) Ducharme
Sponsors: Francis Lamarinde & Emelie Leboeuf
Page 98

Blais, Marie Elizabeth
Born: October 4, 1876
Parents: Paul Blais & Delima Fleury
Sponsors: Jean Baptiste Blais & Delima Faucht
Page 101

Blais, Joseph Henri
Born: September 1877
Parents: Janvier Blais & Domitille Lafond
Sponsors: Vertbon Coeur Boudreau & Catherine Boudreau
Page 11

Blais, Marie Malvina
Born: December 28, 1877
Parents: Alfred Blais & Elizabeth Vadenais
Sponsors: Theophile Blais & Marie Rousseau
Page 19

Blais, Elzear Jean Baptiste
Born: July 25, 1878
Parents: Jean Baptiste Blais & Ermine Audette
Sponsors: Jean Baptiste Tiney & Ermine Blais
Page 26

Blais, Lila Albina
Born: August 14, 1878
Parents: Augustin Blais & Lila Ducharme
Sponsors: David Hebert & Aurelie Martin
Page 27

Blais, Marie Josephine
Born: July 23, 1879
Parents: Jean Blais & Mathilda Lafond
Sponsors: Andre Lamoureuz & Suzanne Giguire
Page 42

Blais, Olive
Born: September 2, 1879
Parents: Theophile Blais & Celine Gamache
Sponsors: Francis Contois & Victoire Blais
Page 44

Blais, Joseph Alfred
Born: November 29, 1879
Parents: Nazaire Blais & Marquerite Pateneude
Sponsors: Julien Fontaine & Adele Viens
Page 47

Blais, Charles
Born: August 1, 1880
Parents: Alfred Blais & Dina Vadenais
Sponsors: Joseph Emery & Josephine Pilotte
Page 64, line 165

Blais, Marie Hermine Aglae
Born: September 20, 1880
Parents: Jean Blais & Hermaine Audit (or Audet)
Sponsors: Augustin Blais & Azilda Sansouci
Page 64, line 166>

Blais, Marie Julie
Born: January 3, 1881
Parents: Narcisse Blais & Celanise Robert
Sponsors: Charles Breau & Julia Gauthier
Page 69

Blais, Edourd
Born: February 16, 1881
Parents: Cleophas Blais & Lea Mossier
Sponsors: Joseph Rousseau & Marie Rousseau
Page 74

Blais, Martin Albert
Born: October 5, 1880 (?) (was in with the 1881 pages)
Parents: Augustin Blais & Lila Ducharme
Sponsors: Pierre Moquin & Marie Ducharme
Page 74

From Book No. 3

Blais, Louise Clorida
Born: May 12, 1882
Parents: Jean Neoplyte Blais & Hermaine Audet (or Audit)
Sponsors: Jean Baptiste Audet & Philomene Frejean
Page 1

Blais, Marie Carmine
Born: December 15, 1882
Parents: Albert Blais & Eliza Venhas
Sponsors: Edward DuRivage & Philomene Blais
Page 18

Blais, Joseph David Jean Baptiste
Born: January 27, 1883
Parents: Janurino Blais & Domithilde Lafond
Sponsors: Narcisse Faferd & Allophine Desrosiers
Page 21

Death Registry of St. Joseph Church
of Cohoes, New York

Page 22, line 199
Pierre Blais died on August 16, 1896 at 88 years of age.
This was Catherine's husband.

Page 49, line 149
Blais, Odela died on October 19, 1897 48 years old
(husband John Amyotte)

Marriage Registry of St. Joseph Church
of Cohoes, New York

Blais, Jean N. m. Rose Michaud
January 8, 1890
Parents: Blais, Augustin & Roseanne Michaud; Michaud, Onezime
Sponsors: Tessier, Frank & Blais, Augustin
Page 89

Blais, Albert m. Anne Lageunese (sp?)
November 26, 1893
Parents: Blais, Robert & Amandeom; Lageunese, Francoise
Sponsors: Blais, Liedger & Lajeusese, Cordelia

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